How to Make Employee Recruitment a Whole Lot Easier

When a position opens up in your organization, what’s your first reaction? For many recruiters and HR teams, it’s an external search for new talent. But what if your next great hire was already working for you? Read More

Are Your Employees Struggling? It Could Be Your Fault

  It’s not just bad employees who don’t succeed. Sometimes, even your best hires aren’t performing to the level you want and expect. And you’re left scratching your head as to why. Read More

Flexible Schedules and Remote Work: What Employers Need to Know

  It’s no secret that today’s employees value flexibility. If your company hasn’t looked into ways to attract and retain talent by offering a variety of work and scheduling options, you’re falling behind the curve. Read More

Is Focusing on Compliance the Secret to Becoming an Employer of Choice?

Some businesses think that compliance is all about following rules and staying out of trouble. But smart companies know that building a culture of compliance can lead to happier, more productive employees and a pool of high-quality job candidates when it comes time to hire. Read More

How to Proactively Manage Your Business Risk

Knowing what risks and exposures your business faces is a good start to building a solid risk management strategy. But just being aware of the threats to your business isn’t enough. Effective risk management requires thinking and planning ahead. Read More

3 Strategies for More Effective Meetings

Raise your hand if you love sitting in meetings! Anyone? Hello? Read More

Want to Avoid Wage and Hour Violations? Get Your Overtime Right.

Depending on the type of business you’re running and the kind of work your employees are doing, it can be difficult to manage the various kinds of time your employees are logging. Or not logging. Or should be logging. Read More

Got Workflow Challenges? Look for an All-In-One HCM System

We work with a lot of small businesses, many of which are struggling with very similar challenges. Depending on your size, market, industry, and number of employees, these challenges can have a moderate to significant impact on your organization Read More

Why it’s Getting Harder to Recruit and Retain Quality Employees

The human resources talent acquisition dynamics are changing, and employers are working harder than ever to find and hire great people. If you’ve noticed that recruitment seems more difficult than it used to be, it’s not your imagination. But what’s actually happening and how should you react? Read More

Want to be an Employer of Choice? Start with Your Benefits Plan

Providing health benefits for your team is expensive. So is constant employee turnover. Read More

It’s Time to Change How You Think About Workplace Safety

As we head to work each day, our minds are often occupied with things we’re going to do after our shift ends. Stop by the store. Call a friend. Catch that movie you’ve been meaning to see. Read More

Here’s Why You Need an Employee Handbook

You know it’s important for businesses to have an employee handbook, but you may be wondering how having one in place can benefit both you and your employees. Read More

New California Family Rights Act Notice

 Under the California Family Rights Act of 1993 (CFRA), if you have more than 12 months of service with us and have worked at least 1,250 hours in the 12-month period before the date you want to begin your leave, and if we employ 50 or more employees at your worksite or within 75 miles of your Read More

How to Avoid Expensive Payroll Mistakes

Managing payroll correctly is a critical part of doing business, especially for small to mid-sized companies. Fewer employees and smaller margins leave less room for payroll error. Costly fines, penalties, and legislation can be catastrophic. Read More

Here’s What Your Employees REALLY Need: A Break

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you expect the same of your employees. But at some point, hard work can become overwork. And overworking can become overwhelming. Read More

Do You Know the Risks Facing Your Business?

There’s a well-known story that Microsoft started out as two guys building software in a garage. Whether or not this is technically true, we all know how the story ends. With a very large, very influential, very successful company. Read More

Hey Micromanagers! It’s Time to Change Your Ways.

Do you excel at providing tasks, parameters, and instructions, but insist on hovering over every part of the process? You could be a micromanager. Read More

Why You Should Help Your Employees Get More Sleep

  You may be wondering what sleep has to do with workplace productivity. The answer is pretty much everything. Read More

Team Recognition: It Matters More Than You Might Think

One of the best things about being on a team is the camaraderie that comes with working really hard together, and then celebrating your collective success. This is just as true at work as it is in play. Read More

How to Make Remote Work Actually Work

  Work at home options are becoming more and more popular with employees, but are these arrangements good for employers? Read More

Misclassifying Employees: An Expensive Wage and Hour Mistake

  With sexual harassment cases getting a lot of media attention, it might seem like that is your company’s biggest liability risk. And depending on where you work, this might be true. Read More

Have You Done Your Succession Planning Yet? Here’s Why You Should

When you’re busy running your business, succession planning can often take a back seat to other, more time sensitive tasks and projects. Read More

Do You Understand Your Brand?

  Someone in your organization has probably spent a lot of time thinking about the company brand. Perhaps there has also been a very large financial investment made to develop just the right look, feel and message. This is good, and every company should go through a brand definition process that Read More

The Surprising Key to a Great Sales Team

Having a team of successful salespeople can do wonders for your business, just as having a team of lifeless salespeople can bring your company down-- along with your numbers, profitability, and morale. Read More

Performance Management Made Easy

  Would you like to see your managers lead their teams more effectively, your employees more engaged in their work, and everyone more focused on the priority issues related to their jobs? Read More

Is Your Fancy Technology Actually Holding You Back?

Technology is an amazing tool, especially when it comes to communication. It can make us faster, more accurate, and more efficient. Read More

If Your Clients Want Stuff for Free, You Could Be to Blame

Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for?” Many of today’s clients aren’t buying in. Instead, the current customer motto seems to be more along the lines of “I want it, but I don’t want to pay for it.” Read More

Decreasing Employee Engagement? Check Your Company Culture

Companies with great cultures have higher levels of engagement. And companies with high levels of engagement have happier employees, more loyal customers, and more profitable businesses. Read More

3 Ways to Deal with Change in Your Business

They say the only constant in life is change. And like most clever sayings, this one is also very true. Especially when it comes to your business. Read More

Why You Need to Update Your Job Descriptions

Great job descriptions can perform several important HR functions for your business. When written correctly, they can provide appropriate criteria for new hires, structure for current employees, and a basis for conducting performance reviews. Read More

Want Better Meetings? Here’s How to Do It

When it comes to your business, it’s important to constantly examine key behaviors to see which ones are serving a purpose and which are merely old habits. Ritualized routines may keep you busy, but intentional behaviors are what will get you where you need to go. Read More

Should You Be a Pet-friendly Business? Things to Consider.

Everyone loves a cute little puppy, but is bringing Spot to work taking it too far? Can pets in the office be too much of a good thing? Read More

Organizational Change: Is it an Uphill Battle or a Fun Ride?

What do you think when you see this sign? Read More

How to Motivate Your Team Through Employee Benefits

If you’re introducing a new initiative in your company, you understand the significance of getting your team onboard. After all, the success of the initiative is largely dependent on the level of team motivation and support. Read More

Finding the Time to Do What Matters

  We all have things we say we’d like to do, but just can’t seem to find the time for. Some of them are merely ideas, some have made it to a list, and some are things we know we should be doing already. Read More

Tips for Effective Employee Surveys

When done well, employee surveys can gather important feedback and information quickly, efficiently, and anonymously. Read More

Providing Great Client Service: It’s All About the Why

Providing great client service is a claim that nearly every business makes. Read More

How Is Your Written Immigration Compliance Policy Looking?

  What Just Happened? During the week of July 16, 2018, Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) delivered Notice of Inspection (NOI)/audit notices throughout the U.S. And, HSI served 2,738 NOIs and made 32 arrests in one-week. Read More

Cal/OSHA Issues Emergency Work-Related Injury Recordkeeping Regulation 

  Read More

Dealing With Employee Turnover

Separation. Termination. Departure. No matter what you call it, the fact remains the same: People on your team will come and go. Read More

Does Your Business Need Key Person/Executive Insurance?

Many businesses have one or two people who are the glue that holds everything together. It could be the founder, owner, CEO, CFO, or another essential contributor with specialized skills and knowledge that are critical to the operation of the business. Read More


Almost all California employers are exposed to the risk of inspections and citations for violation of Cal/OSHA regulations. The most widespread violation relates to companies not having an effective Illness & Injury Prevention plan - referred to as a General Violation. Read More

Who is Driving Your Business?

Business is all about competition, but the question you need to ask yourself is: Read More

Have You Mentored an Employee Today? Here’s Why You Should.

Think back over your life. Is there someone who helped you become the person you are today? Someone who saw your potential even before you did? Someone who helped you develop a skill, talent, or aptitude? Someone who believed in you— and caused you to believe in yourself? Read More

10 Steps to Increase Employee Retention

  As business becomes more and more competitive, simply filling open positions isn’t enough. Read More

Do You Have a Communication Storm Brewing?

There’s plenty of evidence that communication can make or break a company’s reputation. Social media storms can quickly turn into PR tornado, wiping out individuals, brands, and even entire businesses who post without thinking. Because of this real and present danger, many organizations are Read More

The Secret to Recruiting and Retaining Talent: Employee Benefits

  To be a successful business, you need to be able to find and keep great talent. But depending on who you’re looking to hire and what your competition has to offer, your current approach to employee benefits may not be giving you the recruitment and retention advantage you need. Read More

Great Leadership Means Following Through

Have you ever watched a truly great athlete swing a bat, complete a pass, or sink a sweet jumper? If so, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common: a strong follow-through. Read More

Data Breaches and Identity Theft: What You Need to Know

You hear about these things all the time, but what’s the real risk? What are the consequences if it happens to you or your employees? Do identity protection plans prevent this from happening or just help you deal with the fallout? Read More

Are Your Employees Struggling? Maybe it’s You.

Employers work hard to offer great benefits, flexible schedules, and a fantastic working environment so they can attract and retain the best people. But once these awesome recruits are on staff, leadership often drops the ball when it comes to managing their performance. Read More

What do Employees Want? Flexibility

Every organization has its own unique structure, priorities, and requirements, but when is the last time you took a good, hard look at your approach to managing employees and their time? Are there some deeply ingrained ways of thinking that have lost their usefulness? Read More

Do Your Employees Take Orders or Do They Take Ownership?

They say it’s better to have one person working with you than to have three people working for you. And while working for someone and working with someone may look the same from a distance, when you get a little closer, you’ll see some pretty significant differences. Read More

Is This Content Worth Reading? Three Ways to Tell.

These days, it seems like everyone is swimming in content. Every time you log in, check email, or go online, there is a pile of “helpful” advice articles waiting for you. They clog your inbox, your social feed, and some days, your brain. Read More

Employee Engagement and Your Bottom Line

Just what is employee engagement, anyway? Read More

Cut Your Risk for Costly Claims

Wage and hour claims are a big headache. And a big deal. And a really big expense. Read More

Should You Say Yes to Pets at Work?

    When it comes to animal-friendly offices, the answer depends on who you ask. But one thing we can all agree on is that the topic of pets in the workplace isn’t going away any time soon. If your company doesn’t have a pet policy in place, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll need one. Read More
HR, payroll, tools, payroll technology Jinyu Qian September 18, 2018

Improving Your Business With Limited Resources: It Can Be Done!

  No matter what kind of organization you’re running, chances are you’re facing the same critical challenge— lack of time, money, and resources. Read More
HR, payroll, tools, payroll technology Jinyu Qian September 13, 2018

What’s Better Than Working Hard? Working Smart.

Do you or your employees feel exhausted from having too much going on? Does it ever feel like there’s so much to do, and not enough time, money, or resources to get it all done? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Read More

Investing in Your Employees: It Pays Off

You might think you don’t need to invest in training and development, especially when it comes to the basic office programs and technology you use every single day. Surely you all have these skills already, right? Read More

Tips for Better Presentations: What Not to Do

Many of us give presentations regularly as part of our work lives. We deliver them in staff meetings, employee meetings, client meetings, sales meetings, and in your spare time, maybe even PTA meetings. Read More

Finding New Employees May Be Easier Than You Think

Recruiting new employees can be challenging. If you’re constantly hiring, you’ve got to build a talent pipeline and keep it full. And if you only recruit occasionally, it may feel like starting all over again. Every. Single. Time. Read More

Not All Turnover is Bad: When Not to Worry

We spend a lot of time cursing the ill effects of turnover. It’s disruptive. It’s expensive. It’s a sign of poor company culture and/or leadership. And while all of these things are generally true, there are certain times when turnover can be a blessing in disguise. Read More

Increase Employee Engagement By Showing Them Why They Should Care

Everybody wants their employees to be more engaged. But too often the question remains: Engaged to what? Read More

Want Better Employee Communication? 4 Things to Consider

Effective communication is difficult, even in the best of circumstances. Add in diverse workforces, remote teams, and the sheer number of communication platforms available, and it can seem almost impossible. Read More

The Missing Ingredient in Your Employee Wellness Program

Many companies have instituted employee wellness programs. But employees are still stressed out, and perhaps more than ever. Meanwhile, research shows that employee stress leads to poor health outcomes and an increase in both absenteeism and presenteeism— which are exactly the things employers Read More

Do Customers Only Care About Price?

Many business owners are convinced that all customers care about is price. They assume that if there are two options available, clients will always choose the cheapest one. No matter what. Read More

Are Your Outdated Processes Hurting Your Business?

  As a business owner, you may think the processes you’ve always used are continuing to deliver the best results. But what if they aren’t? Read More

One Thing Your Best Employees Want

  Not every employee on your team is interested in taking on more responsibility, moving up the ladder, or even learning new skills. But you can bet your best and brightest are. Read More

Are You Using Your HR Policies Strategically?

Are your HR policies merely a list of rules to be enforced? Or are they designed to foster a positive company culture that allows you to run your business effectively while attracting and retaining awesome employees? Read More

Minimum Wage Ordinance Update

We have had many questions recently regarding the minimum wage ordinance and would like to provide summary information to you below. Read More

Organizational Change: How to Flip Your Thinking

Perhaps you made it where you are today by doing certain things in a certain way, then replicating those same processes over and over again. Maybe “We’ve always done it this way!” is your absolute favorite saying in the world. If so, you’re not alone. Read More

The High Cost of Presenteeism and What You Can Do

Just because an employee is physically in the office doesn’t mean that person is actively contributing. Not only that, but an employee who is sick, exhausted, or distraught can easily bring down the productivity of others as well. Read More

Things You Should Know About STRESS

Everyone feels stressed from time to time. But what is stress? How does it affect your health? And what can you do about it? Read More

Employee Communication: How to Do it Right

Good communication shows your employees that value them and that you care. Poor communication can leave them feeling confused, unimportant and out of the loop, all of which can lead to low employee engagement and morale. Read More

Are You Managing Your Team or Leading It?

The kind of talent you want in your company isn’t interested in being managed to death. What they really want is to be led. So, which one are you? A manager or a leader? And what’s the difference? Read More
HR, teamwork Jinyu Qian June 12, 2018

What’s Wrong With This Relationship?

Your work life and your love life are totally different, right? Read More
HR, stress, teambuilding Jinyu Qian June 12, 2018

Why Workplace Stress is Bad for Business

We all know stress has negative effects on individual health. But stressed out employees can have a huge impact on the health of your business as well. Read More
HR, leadership Jinyu Qian June 5, 2018

Are Your Employees Leaving Your Company or Your Leadership?

Good employees are hard to find, and great employees are even harder to come by. When one of them leaves, it hurts. And we’re not just talking about your feelings. Read More
Jinyu Qian May 29, 2018

Why HR Functions are Critical to Your Business

When it comes to organizational efficiency, there’s a lot of talk about running lean. And while re-evaluating your processes is always a good idea, continually cutting staff in the name of increasing individual productivity can definitely backfire. Read More

Are Your Webinars Boring? Tips for Online Presentations

Hosting a webinar is an easy and efficient way to transfer information, conduct training sessions, and encourage constant learning. Unfortunately, it can also be a fantastic way to put people to sleep. Read More

How to Build a Solid Team

Finding and hiring the right people is integral to the success of your organization. But no matter how capable each staff member may be, if your teams aren’t working together, you won’t get the results you’re hoping for. Read More

An Rx for Great Leadership

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic pill that could enhance leadership performance? Imagine a one-dose-wonder that could bring about hours of inspired leadership. Brilliant! Read More

Your Secret Business Weapon: Happy Employees

Employees are the fuel that runs your business. If you want your company to be successful, it’s not enough to simply be able to recruit top talent. You’ve got to keep them happy as well. Read More

New Opinion Letter on how employees without "normal working hours" should be compensated for travel time.

On April 12, 2018, the United States Department of Labor issued opinion letters that provide guidance on how employees without "normal working hours" should be compensated for travel time involving an overnight stay and whether rest breaks provided as a reasonable accommodation are compensable.  Read More

Worried About DOL Audits? Get PAID--May HR Brief

Worried About DOL Audits? Get PAID. Read More

How to Create Effective Employee Policy

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone just knew how to behave in a workplace setting? Imagine everything running smoothly and all problems being solved quickly and easily with little to no confrontation. It sounds so easy! Read More

Here’s What Job Seekers Care About

In today’s recruiting market, it’s becoming harder and harder to get and keep top talent. But if you’ve got what candidates want, they’ll not only come to work for you, they’ll stay. Read More

New Cal/OSHA Compliance Rule for California Hotel, Motel and B&B

California hotel, motel and bed and breakfast employers are faced with a new Cal/OSHA compliance rule, which takes effect July 1, 2018 and requires extensive action on their part no later than Sept. 29 of this year. Read More

How to Assess Your Company Culture

Creating an environment where employees are happy to be working, enjoy their jobs, and feel like they’re part of a team may sound like an idea straight out of the movies. An idealized workplace only found in stock image galleries. A nirvana possibly attainable by other companies, just not in Read More

HR Strategies: Do You Still Need to Be Doing These 2 Things?

Company Culture. Employee Engagement. Managing Millennials. These topics have been getting a lot of press, and with good reason. Workplace processes, recruitment and demographics are changing rapidly. Things that worked fine in the past simply aren’t cutting it today. Even more frightening, what Read More